Rucha Sarda

Follow your dreams, success will surely follow is the only mantra which CA Rucha Sarda vouches for. She cleared her CA Final examinations in the third attempt. Success is the dish best served cold. She flunked in her CA Final exams twice but there was only one thing constant i.e hustle. Because hard work is not an option when you appear for CA examinations, it’s a necessity. Though she failed in exams, she did not fail to abide by the will and courage as she kept her eye on the goal and not on the hurdles. She eventually got through the exams and got placed at a reputed MNC,’John Deere’. She was having a pretty good time at John Deere because of the good working conditions, amazing manager and wonderful colleagues. She got addicted to her comfort zone. But, then she knew the fact that getting addicted to what you have been can block the way for what you can be. So, with a very heavy heart, she decided to quit her job and took a firm call of being what she always wanted to be, ‘An author.’ People mocked her when she quit the job. But while she was working, she always knew this was not something she wished to do all her life.People began to throw absurd questions like,‘Writing is ok, but what about your career? What are you going to do professionally? She paid a deaf ear to the above questions. This is where the real work out had begun but she had decided to sweat and bleed. Everybody failed to convince her as this time she knew where she is heading towards.‘You need not imagine a Chartered Accountant as a person doing only stereotype stuff like Auditing and Accounting. There is so much more you can explore and stick to,’She believes.

It goes without saying that if you want to reach somewhere you have to start from something, success is a process which can’t be bagged overnight. She has always seconded the thought that,‘If one follows his passion, world will be a happier place to live in.’ She always has had a deep interest in writing but this time, after quitting her job, she took this up seriously, gathered some real courage, got out of her comfort zone and kickstarted the task of writing her book named, ‘Audit of a CA.’ She opted for self publishing and listed her book on, ‘Amazon.’ She reached out to CA faculties and one such faculty who has been very kind and gracious is CA Neeraj Arora sir. He is and was her knight in shining armor and helped her market the book and reach the masses. She owes him big time for all that he has done for her and her book. Life surprises you in different ways. Her debutant novel,‘Audit Of a CA,’ sold over 1000 copies within first 10 days of the launch. Over 10000 copies have been sold till date . She also got felicitated by one and only CA T. N. Manoharan sir for the success of the book. The book has been entitled as, “The Bestseller” in CA exams category on Amazon. The book is loved by the masses and has also got some amazing reviews.

She recently launched her second novel, ‘A day In life of a CA student.’ This novel too is a bestseller on Amazon and has acted as a game changer in the lives of thousands of CA students.

She also runs a Youtube channel under the name: CA Rucha Sarda, through which she motivates and guides CA students to excel in their career. Over 60000 students have subscribed to the channel and are benefiting out of it immensely. She didn’t stop here. Her dedication to help CA Students in every possible manner made her launch Personal Counselling programmes. Till date, she has mentored over 5500 students over Phone and Email.

She recently launched her Android application named ‘Rucha Sarda.’ The very basis of this application is also to serve and help the CA community with the help of blogs, podcasts, courses and many interesting things to add on.

She firmly believes that one can always be what one wishes to be, just wear your passionate lenses and keep riding.

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